By simply drawing lines on a pure white surface and giving them life with colours according to their own personality and my own feeling, I obtain an incredible joy that soothes my pain and gives me courage to live on and on.

    All these images seem to come from my deep subconscience, for I normally let the pens and brushes guide my hand instead of dominating them. I love to dive into the feeling of fusion between my spirit and the lines and colours -- it is like a symphony of perpetual movement that brings onto the canvas the intricate lines and powerful colours which often even surprise myself. I learnt finally to peep into a corner of my inner self thanks to this mirror effect of art.

All the works that you are going to see here are thus an intimate "mirror" of myself for the last 4 years. All the persons that have entered into and then left away from my life; all the inexplicable sensations that I encountered in the most insignificant moments; and all those fleeing lights and shadows in the discontinuity of the seemingly continued time, IN THE LAPSES OF TIME -- I try to record them in my own way.

And one day, all these emotions and stories will vanish, the colours and lines will finally retrieve their own voices. They will sing out aloud their own rhapsody, leaving my mortal self behind, deep into the ashes of memory, the ecstasy and ruins of life.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   © Copyright Yue HU 胡玥